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12 stories you have to see

A roundup of the week’s most interesting healthcare industry press releases from PR Newswire

NEW YORK, November 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With thousands of press releases published each week, it can be difficult to keep up with everything on PR Newswire. To help journalists covering the healthcare industry stay on top of the week’s most popular and newsworthy releases, here’s a roundup of the week’s stories you shouldn’t miss.

The list below includes the headline (with a link to the full text) and an excerpt from each story. Click on the press release headlines to access the accompanying media assets that are available for download.

  1. ad board ads $65 million Multi-Year Mental Health Initiative
    Guided by mental health experts, amplified by associations across sectors, and based on extensive research with key audiences, the initiative aims to change social norms, reduce stigma around mental health, and encourage people to adopt a proactive approach to your mental health issues.
  2. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Tips for Thanksgiving without Turkey
    Thanksgiving is a time for friends and families to get together for a hearty meal, but with food prices continuing to rise, some families may want to consider alternatives to the “traditional” turkey feast. “Autumn.
  3. Planet Fitness collaborates with Amazon Halo to give people the tools and resources to start and continue their fitness journeys.
    now through November 15new affiliates who sign up for the Black PF Card® at Planet Fitness you’ll receive a complimentary Amazon Halo View fitness tracker, along with one year of full access to an exclusive Amazon Halo membership with features and content.
  4. Healthy Together announces the launch of a new mobile app in partnership with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
    The technology enables real-time, up-to-date health information and records to be accessed via a smartphone with simplified record sharing, allowing veterans to easily send PDF versions of health information to a physician or organization at any time. necessary.
  5. Screen use linked to differences in brain structure in young children
    A study of children aged 3 to 5 years suggests that the use of digital media (“screen time”) affects the development of areas of the brain responsible for visual processing, empathy, attention, complex memory and cognitive abilities. early reading.
  6. Severely stressful events worsen symptoms of prolonged COVID
    Death of a loved one, financial or food insecurity, or newly developed disability were some of the strongest predictors of whether a hospitalized COVID-19 patient would experience prolonged COVID-19 symptoms a year later, a new study finds.
  7. Roche introduces the navify brand for its digital health solutions at HLTH 2022
    navify digital solutions help providers and patients ‘navigate’ and ‘unravel’ a wide range of touchpoints by activating insights that provide evidence on how to optimize operational processes and clinical decision-making in health care. Health.
  8. Leading fertility company TMRW Life Sciences receives FDA 510(k) clearance for next-generation technology to safely manage and store frozen eggs and embryos
    With its portfolio of leading-edge in-clinic and off-site solutions, TMRW’s advanced technology brings transparency, automation and standardization to a system that is increasingly challenged to keep up with those sample volumes under management.
  9. rebless™ robotic rehabilitation device expands its reach with partnership with Rehabmart.com
    With numerous modes of operation, rebless™ enables passive, active, active assisted and resisted training, as well as range of motion measurement, so therapy can be customized to each patient’s condition and progress.
  10. Quest presents first-of-its-kind fitness tests created by and for athletes at questhealth.com
    Each fitness test panel provides a deep dive into an individual’s health for a complete picture of overall fitness, including comprehensive tests that measure endurance, nutrition, energy, hydration, and hormone levels.
  11. Kroger Health donates $100,000 to support the efforts of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance to develop standard measures of pharmacy performance
    Kroger Health’s support will help facilitate large-scale testing of developed concepts and expand information technology infrastructure and disseminate findings to support the scale, diffusion and sustainability of innovative pharmacy services.
  12. Johnson Controls and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America advocate for healthier classrooms
    Through strategic upgrades, sustainable solutions, resilient building upgrades and educational programs, Johnson Controls is collaborating with 7,000 school districts across the country to improve the K-12 experience. It is estimated that more than 50% of K-12 schools require building system upgrades, including HVAC, plumbing, energy management systems, interior lighting, building envelopes, and more.

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