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Apptio strengthens the economic resilience of its clients with the launch of business agility tools

Portfolio-wide enhancements to visibility and business agility tools enable organizations to simultaneously invest in the future and save costs today

BELLEVUE, Washington., November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Apptio, the leading provider of technology business management (TBM) applications, today announced several product updates designed to help organizations seeking to gain tighter control of their costs in the face of challenging economic conditions. New features give key decision makers better visibility and insight into their technology spend, enabling them to better understand and communicate key business metrics and develop operational agility to respond to changing requirements.

Inflation, labor shortages and the threat of a recession are adding more pressure on companies to determine their optimal strategies. In periods of market growth, organizations find it easier to invest in multiple growth strategies or continue to support legacy products. However, in downturns, it becomes essential to weigh how much value each of these options brings.

A recent Gartner report® found that “…78% of CFOs will increase or maintain enterprise digital investments through 2023, even if inflation persists.” [1] Organizations are not reassessing their commitment to digital transformation; instead, they are being more focused on their spending to increase efficiency and innovation in the long run.

deeper insights
In response, Apptio is releasing new updates to enable organizations to accelerate this journey while delivering the unit cost reductions that today demands. Modern technology projects and investments consist of so many different expenses, such as labor, hardware, and services, that it can be difficult to make sense of their true costs and value through the use of complex data and reports.

Apptio brings true transparency and flexibility into technology spending by giving organizations multiple ways to view, understand, and analyze their data, from looking at high-level information about projects and products, to drilling down to the resource level for cost analysis in real time. depth. The result is more accurate decision making and faster problem resolution.

  • Cloudability: Entitlement Sizing Explorer
    Cloud sizing is the process of matching instance types and sizes to the performance and capacity requirements of your workload at the lowest possible cost. Apptio’s Resizing Explorer adds a powerful interactive launchpad to easily digest resizing recommendations. This makes it faster to not only implement more recommendations, but also potentially increase the returns from a variety of approaches to right sizing.
  • Cloudability: Return on the cost of the container
    Kubernetes provides businesses with unmatched flexibility and scale. However, the cost of running Kubernetes is spread out and can be difficult to track. Amortization techniques allow companies to plan the cost of an asset over a given period. Apptio’s addition of the (amortized) cost metric to Cloudability’s container cost allocation feature will allow users to apply the full cost of consumed Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans (SPs) to clusters of Kubernetes. This solves the challenges related to costs that appear overly reduced (RI) or inflated (SP).
  • Apptio BI: Storytelling and customizations
    Apptio Business Intelligence (BI) has enhanced user capabilities to organize, customize, and provide context to reports. Companies need to be able to tell a story with their reports, whether visually, organizationally, or with the right data, to ensure critical information is communicated across the organization and key stakeholders are aligned.
  • Apptio BI: improvements in interactivity
    Further enhancing the interactivity and engagement enhancements, Apptio BI is adding a variety of features including enhanced exploration capabilities, alternate measure selectors, and global time filtering, expanding the potential for analysis and creating a fully interactive reporting experience.
  • ApptioOne: Integrated Investment Planning
    Clients seeking to understand their project and investment costs face issues stemming from disconnected planning and management systems. Integrated Investment Planning (IIP) enables IT organizations to gain a deeper understanding of project/investment costs and their impact on current and future budgets, such as internal and external labor, infrastructure, vendors, and other expenses.

Emerging Business Value
Apptio’s new release features help connect project investments to value being delivered by breaking down data silos between business, finance, and IT, presenting insights in real terms that improve collaboration and alignment.

  • ApptioOne and Targetprocess data integration
    The ApptioOne and Targetprocess integration connects CFOs and finance teams with every level of agile business functions, including portfolio managers, product teams, and agile development teams. This eliminates the financial blind spots commonly created by Agile practices at scale. This integration enables agile product teams to gain visibility into non-labor costs such as support contracts, capitalized asset investments, or consumption of cloud services. At the same time, CFOs and finance teams gain a more accurate view of Agile program costs by capturing and capitalizing actual labor and capacity costs.
  • Cloudability: ROI tracking for sizing recommendations
    Cloudability’s Rightsizing ROI feature is now available to all customers without the need to integrate with Jira. This means that individual sizing recommendations can be fully automatically tracked within Cloudability. This provides engineers with a clear list of savings actions to prioritize.
  • Apptio BI: content library expansion
    An expanded library of pre-built reports will help users create meaningful reports and save time by providing an easy starting point for report creation. This larger out-of-the-box library caters to a wider variety of specific use cases across various industries and means users can spend less time building reports and more time analyzing.

Accelerating business agility
Apptio’s innovations help companies build operational agility and respond more quickly to changing market conditions. During economic uncertainty, Apptio is supporting companies to improve time to value, speed up the planning process, direct funding to the most important projects, and provide actionable direction for teams, regardless of the operating model chosen.

  • Targetprocess: Solution Library Enhancements
    Ongoing enhancements to the Targetprocess Solutions Library enable customers to quickly implement a mix of Agile solutions, meaning companies can increase agility and deliver value faster through accelerated implementation of a mix of Agile standards, frameworks, and methodologies. the industry.
  • Targetprocess: Lean budgeting solution
    A set of solutions added to the library support portfolio management capabilities. These solutions include a full suite of lean budgeting mechanisms, including participatory budgeting, protection measure designation, and horizon planning. This addresses the need for companies to adapt strategies and conduct planning faster and more frequently than ever before, while controlling unoptimized resource and budget allocation levels that can continue to grow from portfolio to portfolio. as Agile practices continue to scale throughout the company.
  • Target process: Azure DevOps native integration
    Apptio offers a native integration solution for Targetprocess and Azure DevOps, one of the most leveraged Agile team tools in the industry. By investing in native integrations, Targetprocess enables teams to maintain their preferred methodologies and stay connected to rapidly evolving programs, portfolios and business priorities.

“Companies are facing increased pressure on their budgets due to the challenges posed by difficult economic conditions. It is crucial that key decision makers are equipped with the best tools to ensure their technology investments deliver business value,” he said. jeremy ung, CTO of Apptio. “Traditional financial management tools can’t compete with the demands of today’s rapidly changing technology environment, and as Gartner highlighted, winners from the other side of this cycle will have continued to accelerate the right digital initiatives across their organization even as they face increasing pressures.” higher and higher on their profits.

Organizations that develop operational agility and visibility will be better able to meet this challenge. “By driving visibility and accountability across our organization with Apptio, we have been able to increase our agility, reduce costs in areas that do not drive business value, and accurately measure our return on strategic investments,” he said. ronan hughesPrincipal Architect of Core Banking and Group Manufacturing at Bank of Ireland. “Having undertaken a large and complex core transformation program in 2020, Bank of Ireland has continued to make significant progress in collaboration with Apptio. We recently went from an initial four-week proof of concept to delivering our first full-scale, bank-wide total cost of ownership model in just five months through the power of TBM.”

For more information visit: https://www.apptio.com/products/

[1] Gartner press release, Gartner says 78% of CFOs will increase or maintain enterprise digital investments through 2023, even if inflation persists, May 25, 2022https://www.gartner.com/en/newsroom/press-releases/2022-05-19-gartner-says-78-percent-of-cfos-will-increase-or-maintain-enterprise-digital-investments – until-2023-even-if-inflation-persists. GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the US and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved

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