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Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem explained

Besides wBTC, Stacks together with Rootstock, BadgerDAO, RenVM together with Liquid Network promote various work with cases of Bitcoin DeFi.


A decentralized autonomous business (DAO) called BadgerDAO helps BTC to be employed as collateral across a variety of DApps. The BadgerDAO uses typically the Ethereum-based token BADGER regarding protocol governance and compensation distribution. 

Users can earn income about their synthetic BTC resources using Sett Vaults, the initial merchandise offered by Badger. Users can lock up his or her tokenized Bitcoin in SETTs, that are pools of bridal party, permitting smart contracts take care of their holdings to create a yield available as bTokens.

The second product via Badger, called Digg, is usually software that controls typically the elastic-supply cryptocurrency referred to as STUMBLEUPON token, pegged on the cost of BTC in United States dollars. Like any various other token, DIGG can become deposited into SETTs in order to provide a yield due to its holders and used inside DeFi protocols. 


The decentralized Ethereum process Ren creates tokens that will monitor the value regarding non-Ethereum assets for example Bitcoin and offers liquidity in order to projects on several blockchains. That said, Bitcoin slots may utilize Ren (needed in order to pay nodes) to access Ethereum’h array of DeFi merchandise without selling their BTC or moving their property all over blockchains.

The Ren virtual device holds the original finances in storage, accepts bridal party from one blockchain, together with generates new tokens about another through its RenBridge to switch assets between blockchains. For example, a customer may submit BTC in order to the RenVM, which may concern renBTC, a new expression on Ethereum that would certainly reflect the original Bitcoin, meaning as soon as the user would like to get their Bitcoin back, the transaction could possibly be reversed.

Liquid Network

The Liquid Network is a new layer-2 Bitcoin solution together with an inter-exchange settlement system that allows the issue regarding digital assets like safety measures tokens, stablecoins and various fiscal instruments privately and immediately on top of typically the Bitcoin blockchain.

LBTC, a new wrapped version of Bitcoin, is the native expression within the Liquid sidechain. Users send BTC to a new Lightning Network address (a method called peg-in) on typically the Bitcoin network to work with typically the Liquid Network. A similar level of LBTC is minted within the Liquid Network and delivered in order to the user’h address after the financial transaction has received 102 caractère.

In addition, peg-out could be initiated to take away BTC by sending LBTC for burning to a irrecoverable address, which, as soon as receiving two separate caractère, lets a Lightning Network associate send the original BTC to a user’s Bitcoin network handle.

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