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Catriona Rowntree Reveals Travel Dress Tips, Criticizes ‘Strip Club’ Flight Fashion

If anyone knows how to pack for a vacation, it’s Getaway host Catriona Rowntree.

We ask the Get away presenter for her tips on how to look stylish on the go.

What are the key things you look for when it comes to the clothes you take on the road?

crush? Will it show spots? Is it respectful of the community I will be traveling to? Is it Australian made? Sustainable? Suitable for the weather? Will the shoes work in the environments I’m targeting? When it comes to packing, I err on the practical side, rather than pretty.

Are there any particular warm/padded jackets that are ideal for traveling?

Unless your puffer is lined with fleece, it’s one of the worst things you can do to the environment. I have one from Husk that fits that bill.

For my coats, I seem to reach for one of two wool coats. A red Paddington Bear (not a technical term, I just call it) that I found near Hollyrood House in Edinburgh. It’s wool and still looks like new! I did a version of this for Iris & Wool in blue as my husband wouldn’t let me wear red to watch his soccer team (Go Cats!)

At the airport, the most chic people wear camel coats, I love my Creswick wool coat because it seems to go with everything. Basically, you want something that folds easily, is warm, and goes with everything.

Have you found a hat that is great for traveling?

I have a collection of hats, none of which are great for traveling. They are pretty, but not practical. You need something that can be squashed, something that can be easily packed and won’t take up the entire top locker! I have some beloved hats to travel. Cable Melbourne, Uniqlo, even a $2 from Machu Picchu are used constantly.

What do you take with you, in terms of accessories?

Oh, I’m big on accessories, this is where I go crazy. I have too many scarves, but they are so practical! One of my favorites is a pink one that shrunk when I put it in the hotel laundry (silly!), I use them on the plane to keep the lights off when I sleep, on hotel pillows, in religious places to cover my shoulders or my hair. temples I have a transparent one, from my best friend’s wedding, which appears on all the safaris.

As accessories, I have a small collection of beloved individual earrings, the pair was lost at some point. So now I have a huge collection of fun and inexpensive jewelry that I pick up at gift shops on my travels. I buy local, but nothing that would bother me too much if I lost. I wear a TAG watch for sport and bought a Hermes H Hour for my 30th birthday. I rarely travel with them as I would be mad to lose them.

Is there a versatile travel dress that you love?

Boom, I have made my own perfect dress (with Iris & Wool brand) to travel. I’m wearing it now on the plane… It’s navy blue, it’s wool, it’s stretchy, it’s respectful yet feminine…it’s amazing! You can basically whisk it, whisk it, and if you accidentally drip sauce on it (come on, you know you do!), no one is the wiser.

Any pants or skirts that you think are particularly great for traveling?

I have the Blue Illusion ‘Bengajean’ in all colors because I’m sick of being asked to ‘take my seatbelt off’ at airport security. They are just easy. Remember, on a flight, try to avoid anything tight. You must avoid the belts, anything that crushes and forget about the target.

I love a pair of dark denim jeans. I bought about 501 in Russia a long time ago and use them constantly.

Do you have a swimwear brand that you swear by?

I love two Australian brands Jets and Monte & Lou. The first one has some thickness to it, I never have to worry about it being too revealing and I love the bright colors. With Monte & Lou they have a black shoulder which is my favorite, classic, comfortable and a bit classy.

When it comes to cozzies, I don’t mess around, I go with the best and the best is local.

What is your perfect outfit for a long-haul flight?

My navy wool dress, of course! In truth, navy blue seems to be the color of choice, my goal is comfort, something that hides stains, is easy to get through security and not offensive if I’m traveling in a conservative region. Oh and I always dress like I belong in First Class, you just never know when you might get promoted!

What kind of shoes can we expect to find in your suitcase?

No matter what you advise, 99 percent of people who travel wear sandals. Me? I like a slip on, it’s easier to get through security, for an international flight I avoid anything where my foot can’t expand (wow baby you learn that the hard way!) and generally flat.

I love my boots. Right now, I’m wearing Ariat boots (I’m wearing a velvet Megan Park dress over the boots, Stevie Nicks eats your heart out).

My RM Williams boots are also like slippers. But trust me on the plans if you are going through Tullamarine or Dubai airports you think you are flying but you have really signed up for a marathon. Horrible for women! Also, if you’re going on a cruise, avoid high heels and black soles. You don’t want to dent or leave black marks on the covers. Wedges, pretty sandals and sand shoes are perfect.

Do you have any tips for packing your clothes in your suitcase?

Yes, a week before I leave, I start putting things on the couch, then I add and rest. I look up the weather where I’m going and # your location on Instagram to see what’s inside or outside. You want to assimilate not to be arrested! I sometimes carry a travel-size Tefal steamer for my precious dresses, but only if I’m filming.

I use Lapoche’s travel bucket bags, put hotel shower caps around dirty shoes and they’re also good for that wet bathing suit from your ‘last bathroom on vacation’. I don’t roll or fold, I throw everything in, I sit on my suitcase, while I ask my husband to please zip it up… must I admit it?

Is there a particular brand that you think makes great travel fashion?

I just like all things Aussie, I’m often asked about the clothes I wear on camera and I’m proud to fly the local flag (wool is even better as it’s so travel friendly). Husk, Megan Park, Trenery, Scanlan & Theodore, Spell (I love all of their dresses) Blue Illusion, RM Williams… we have so many options!

Are there other items you love?

A friend bought me some Peter Alexander bed socks which I adore as I’m always cold and love to embarrass my crew by wearing my bright pink Target bed socks on the plane. I would NEVER go into a cabin barefoot, disgusting!

Even if you buy cheap comfy socks for the flight and throw them in the trash, it’s nice to have a spare pair of socks and panties (and deodorant) in your carry-on. I always carry a foldable Longchamp bag, I have them in all sizes and colours… I buy, therefore I exist!

Anything else you want to add?

I am writing this while on a plane, looking around, most people dress in layers for a flight, I also recommend that you be respectful of your fellow travelers. Wear deodorant, avoid looking like you just came from the gym/bed/strip club and trust me on the wool.

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