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Cher Stars as Balmain’s futuristic superheroine for the Blaze bag – WWD

Balmain has teamed up with Cher to introduce the brand’s new leather bag inspired by her pioneering superpower, The Balmain Blaze.

In a new campaign video, Cher is reimagined as a futuristic goddess, sitting atop a throne while wearing the same skintight catsuit she wore during Paris Fashion Week in September when she walked the spring 2023 runway. from Balmain. In a voiceover, she said: “We all make up ourselves, some of us have more imagination than others.”

Cher for Balmain Blaze.

The new bag is also inspired by the protective armor worn by superheroes. The silhouette features exposed hardware, strong color and texture juxtapositions, and a modern baroque style aesthetic. The design incorporates haute couture-inspired embellishments and gleaming hardware. Rousteing’s goal was to create an eye-catching accessory.

“More than anything else, I wanted Blaze to be a bag that would definitely turn heads,” Rousteing said in a statement. “As I explained to my team, I envisioned these bags as key components of the most daring entrances. For me, these designs are reminiscent of the awesome shields worn by the intrepid superheroes of my youth, and I really love the idea that our Balmain Blaze adds a sense of invincibility power as the perfect finishing touch to every outfit.”

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