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Class of 2023 to host annual fashion show

Zoe Forni and David Lonergan at last year’s show (photo by Noah Donnellan-Doser)

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IPSWICH — “An Evening of Glitz and Glamour” will hit the Hellenic Center next Tuesday when 59 strutting seniors walk the red carpet.

Officers of the class of 2023 have spent the last three years raising money for their senior week. They have formed an online clothing store; sold Tiger umbrellas, orange bandanas, and decorations; organized bake sales; and hosted Pomodori nights.

Now, they’re ready for their first big fundraising opportunity and want to invite the city to attend.

Each year the Ipswich High School graduating class hosts a fashion show for students and members of the community. After taking a pandemic-induced break, the annual tradition resumed with the class of 2022.

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The event consists of seniors modeling clothes from dozens of local stores and boutiques.

This year, the class of 2023 will introduce the program to interested students, families, and community members.

Seniors Shane O’Reilly and Carolyn Bailey will host the show, announcing that 23 boys and 36 girls will model.

“Some people, like me, pick out our own outfits and design them,” senior class president Toby Adams said. “It’s a fun way to express yourself.”

the details

Food and refreshments will be served by Timothy Hopkins. There will be a bar available for any adult over the age of 21.

A silent auction with over 35 donors will serve as additional fundraising. To learn more about this opportunity or to bid online, go to app.galabid.com/classof2023/items.

All proceeds from the event will go towards senior and graduation week events. Senior week is a fun week for the graduating class before their time at IHS is up. Activities will include a Boston Harbor cruise, a day at an amusement park, dinner and more.

The team behind it all

Adams will be joined on the runway by Senior Class Vice President Maggie McCormick, Secretary Ethan Uzdarwin and Treasurer Nadine Kelly.

His co-advisors are high school guidance counselor Claire Powers and band teacher Sean Lee.

Parents Jen Bauman and Kate McCormick helped create and organize this year’s program. As co-chairs of the fashion show, they have led a great team of parents in fundraising efforts.

“Any opportunity with the public and parents is always exciting,” said Uzdarwin.

The event will take place on Tuesday, November 15, from 7 to 9 pm at the Hellenic Center. Tickets for this event are $50 for the general public and $10 per student. Contact Jen Bauman at jsbauman@comcast.net.

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