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clothes our kids handle at the Georgetown Public Library | News

GEORGE’S CITYDel.- Here at the Georgetown Library they are doing something for the little ones, the children.

The non-profit organization Clothing Our Kids is collecting new clothes for elementary and middle school students and their focus is Sussex County.

Clothing Our Kids Special Events Co-Chair Monica Athenelli said:

“Sussex County has really grown and we’ve gone from just serving preschool through fifth grade… this year, we started middle schools.”

This is the second time the Georgetown Library has run this campaign and donation hopes are high.

Georgetown Public Library Director Rachel Culver said, “We want to get back to having those bags and bags that we can hand out, especially now that the prices of everything are so high that families are struggling and we need to make sure our kids in Sussex County have nice clothes to wear.

Sussex County families see the importance of giving to one another, as Emily Sweetman, who recently moved but used to live in Georgetown and still frequents the library, said: “I have four children, almost five, so I know the importance of have a warm environment. clothes, especially when it’s really, really cold.

Monica spoke about the impact these donations have on the families and children who receive the donations. “One of the grandmothers wrote to us about her five-year-old granddaughter who received a box of clothes, and she said that the girl put on the clothes and just danced in her living room and said, I’m beautiful. I am beautiful. I mean, those are the kind of stories where you just say how you can make a difference and it only takes one person.”

The campaign will last until the last day of November and all donations of new clothes are accepted.

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