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Cryptocurrencies Score a Win Among Professional Accountants By Cointelegraph

Crypto Scores a Win Among Professional Accountants

In his regular column, JW Verret, Law Professor, Attorney, CPA, and Head of Crypto Freedom Lab, covers cryptocurrency law and regulation with a focus on decentralized finance (DeFi) and financial privacy.

Institutional adoption is an exciting yet frustrating topic in crypto. The true modern crypto inheritors of the 90s cypherpunk legacy have a vision of crypto as human empowerment through decentralization. That vision includes ending the middlemen who collect rents and threaten human freedom and privacy. On the other hand, Crypto Twitter becomes abuzz when a large financial institution makes new moves in crypto.

JW Verrett is an associate professor at George Mason Law School. He is a practicing crypto forensic accountant and also practices securities law at Lawrence Law LLC. He is a member of the Advisory Council of the Financial Accounting Standards Board and a former member of the SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee. He also heads the Crypto Freedom Lab, a think tank that fights for policy change to preserve the freedom and privacy of crypto developers and users.

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