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It’s been 16 years since we last saw each other. Tim AllenScott Calvin, aka Santa, in theaters. Now the story continues on Santa clausesa six-part miniseries heading to Disney+.

Allen once again dons the cheery red suit for this new adventure, which also sees the return of Elizabeth Mitchellis Mrs. Claus/Carol, eric lloydit’s charlie calvin and David Krumholz‘s Bernard, Santa’s former right-hand elf.

The series also welcomes several new stars, including Kal Penn as a possible replacement for Santa, Simon Choksi, as well as Austin Kane Y Elizabeth Allen Dick respectively as Cal and Sandra, the children of Scott and Carol. Allen-Dick is the 13-year-old daughter of Tim Allen.

Allen spoke to ABC Audio about her daughter’s role in the franchise, attesting that it came “literally out of nowhere.”

“Out of the blue, literally out of the blue! [her] — it wasn’t my idea,” he explained while gesturing proudly at Allen-Dick. The actor noted that returning to the santa claus franchise “didn’t hurt” knowing his little girl would be by his side.

Allen-Dick told ABC Audio that she’s excited to join the franchise her father started nearly three decades ago. She said “it’s a real honor” to bring the story to a new generation.

“How was I lucky enough to be working on this?” she commented, adding that she is “grateful” for helping to continue the story.

Allen-Dick adds that his hope for this new chapter is that it “provides a new perspective” and “brings people back together” when they “get nostalgic” for the first three movies. “I can’t wait to see how people react,” he smiled.

Santa clauses It broadcasts its first episode next Wednesday, November 16 on the Disney+ streaming service.

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