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Fashion and Apparel Designer Isaac Moore to Debut New Designer Bags During “Box Experience” Gift Tour

“DJ Khaled, anthony brownDrake and Megan Thee Stallion are past influencers who have received the Isaac box experience
Moore, CEO and founder of Isaac and Moore”

HOUSTON, November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In 2005, Isaac Moorefounded the company isaac and moore and has flourished ever since. Isaac and Moore include designer handbags, clothing, backpacks, among other items. The brand is hosted outside of Houston Texas but it has been seen in the hands of prominent celebrities worldwide. The uniqueness of the design goes beyond the items, the gift box is a complete experience. The box includes four sides that are personalized by color, achievements and/or endearing moments of the consumer.

Isaac Moore Launch National Tour Designer Bag Tour

Since 2005 there have been multiple designer items including a lime green, isaac and moore backpack. Demand for the item sparked a celebrity fad that resulted in a giveaway tour that included influencers like Drake, anthony brownDJ Khaled Vivica Foxxand Shepherd Smokie Norful to name a few.

Starting December 15, 2022, Isaac will kick off his third tour, touring the country with new skins and new box experiences for a select few people. This tour plans to incorporate HBCUs, design students, and impactful change leaders.

Submissions are open until December 1, 2022. Anyone can apply for the experience. The goal is to impact creators, extend luxury to all communities of people, and empower people of all ages to follow their dreams.

Shipping: contact@thefinesthourpr.com

About Issac Moore

Isaac Moore was born and raised in Third Ward, Texas, a historic area known for various criminal activities. He had a flair for fashion and a determination to succeed in life, after graduating from Jack Yates Senior High School he attended south texas, in the field of Business. Isaac experienced homelessness for a period of five years soon after. To support himself, Isaac began pursuing his dreams of becoming a clothing designer and entrepreneur. In 2005, Isaac took all of his savings from various odd jobs and created his own business, Isaac & Moore.

About Isaac & Moore

“What do you give a person who has everything? Moore.”

Founded in 2005 in Houston Texas by designer, Isaac Moore.

Welcome to Isaac & Moore


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FONT Isaac Moore

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