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Honoring Fashionable Ozarks Veterans | News

Veterans Day celebrations annually bring the Star & Stripes to the expected locations of courthouses and parade locations across the United States. Here in rural Missouri, this year’s salute to the military extended to the near-wilderness of Rocky Falls in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. National Park Service rangers joined Ozark Riverways Foundation volunteers and hikers there on Saturday, November 5 for the annual Veterans Walk.

Before beginning the five-mile Ozark Trail loop to the restored clearings of Stegall Mountain, the group of about 40 people stopped to touch the flag and remember loved ones who served. In the background, the waterfall roared over ancient volcanic rock. The scene was the best possible natural metaphor for how the best of each generation smooth over the jagged and broken parts of the world in hopes of ensuring a peaceful environment for others to enjoy.

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