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Indonesia court hears lawsuit archived against pharmacies after 190 children die from reflectivity of the gold cough syrup

Families of Indonesian children who else died because of reflectivity of the gold cough syrup demanded settlement; compensation; indemnification just as one Indonesian court about Tuesday started hearing their own class-action lawsuit against federal government agencies and pharmaceutical corporations.

About 200 children have got died of acute renal injury in Indonesia given that last year and government bodies have said two components, ethylene glycol and diethyelene glycol, found in a few syrup-based paracetamol medications happen to be from the illness.

The 2 ingredients are used inside antifreeze, brake fluids together with other industrial applications, nonetheless also as a less costly alternative in some prescription products to glycerine, some sort of solvent or thickening real estate agent in many cough syrups. They can be hazardous and can lead to be able to acute kidney injury.


Twenty-five families happen to be suing the health together with finance ministries, the drug treatments regulator and at very least eight drug companies. Awan Puryadi, the families’ lawyer, advised Reuters they each desired compensation provides $224,570.67.

Solihah, 36, who else was at the courtroom in the Indonesian money Jakarta, said her some years old daughter was diagnosed together with the acute kidney harm after consuming a viscous, thick treacle medication and died some sort of few days later. She said she wanted the federal government to be held responsible.

Mothers of acute kidney injury victims attend a hearing for a class-action lawsuit filed against the Indonesian government and drug companies in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Jan. 17, 2023.

Mothers of acute renal injury victims attend some sort of hearing for a class-action lawsuit filed against typically the Indonesian government and pill companies in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Jan. 17, 2023.
(REUTERS/Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana)

“If my daughter got not consumed the pill, maybe she would continue to be here,” your woman said, her voice smashing with emotion. “I wish all parties involved happen to be held accountable for the circumstances of the children who else died and are continue to sick.”

Representatives of typically the finance ministry and several pharmaceutical companies named inside the suit would not reply to requests for review. Another three companies weren’t able to be reached.


The country’s drugs limiter, BPOM, said it would certainly respect the ongoing lawful process, while the health and fitness ministry declined to review.

Authorities have banned a number of cough syrups and installed legal action against a number of pharmaceutical companies whose merchandise allegedly contained the harmful ingredients.

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