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It was time to go back to Hollywood, says Lindsay Lohan | show news

Lindsay Lohan felt that “it was time” to return to Hollywood.

The 36-year-old actress stars in Netflix’s ‘Falling for Christmas’, which marks her first major film role in nearly a decade, and Lindsay is thrilled to be working in Hollywood once again.

She said, “I felt like the time was right, and it was only a matter of time before I found the right script and found it with ‘Falling for Christmas.’ It just worked perfectly.”

Lindsay established herself as a leading actress during her teenage years, before struggling with a variety of personal problems.

And while Lindsay was nervous on the set of ‘Falling for Christmas,’ she also enjoyed the experience.

She told Yahoo Entertainment, “I feel so grateful, I feel really blessed. It’s all been so much fun.”

Lindsay previously revealed that she learned the importance of taking breaks in her career after “working constantly for a large part of [her] childhood”.

The actress explained the importance of finding a healthy balance between her work life and her professional life.

She said, “You can take breaks, but you just have to know when the time is right. Because it’s also good to keep up.”

“You become a family when you’re on a set, and then when the project is over, it just stops. So it’s like a culture shock: you don’t know what to do with yourself. It’s good to keep your mind active.” “

Lindsay also revealed that she jumped at the chance to star in ‘Falling for Christmas’.

The actress shared, “With this movie, I specifically wanted to do more physical comedy because I missed doing that. And I said, ‘We’re here, why not? I’m up for it.'” I think the further you go in those situations, the better it is. You can’t be afraid of him.”

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