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Italian fashion brand celebrates 50 years in Luxor

Italian men’s fashion brand Stefano Ricci celebrated fifty years in business with a parade in the southern Egyptian city of luxor.

The CEO of the Florentine brand explains what motivated them to choose Luxor for the anniversary.

“With Stefano Riccia, we decided in our family business to celebrate our 50th anniversary in Luxor because it is a city linked to our family for many years. Twenty years ago, we made a book about the beauty of these temples and this valley and we recognize how the beauty began of fashion thousands and thousands of years ago and, like the Florentine (the Florentine family, which owns the Stefano Ricci brand), we were inspired by the Renaissance, but we believe that true luxury was made in Luxor, in those days,” he said Niccolò Ricci, CEO of Stefano Ricci.

The show took place in the Old egyptian temple of Pharaoh Hatshepsut on the western bank of the Nile river.

Looking at the present and the future, the CEO of fashion brands highlighted the need to reduce impact about him ambient as a priority

“2022, of course, as you can see, the energy crisis that we are experiencing for multiple reasons, but also sustainability, something in which we are very involved, and we are doing everything possible from our facilities in Florence, to reduce emissions. But also with our supply chain, that is, from the tanneries that are producing our fabrics, of course exclusive fabrics, but with them we are entering a path in which each year we reduce as much as we can the impact on the environment”, he added the Italian CEO.

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli also participated in the event singing a aria from Verdi’s opera “Aida”which takes place in Egypt.

The Italian brand has always dressed several presidents from around the world, of which Nelson Mandela was undoubtedly the best known.

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