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Kylie Jenner dares to wear puddle pants in New York

New York City is many things: a fashion capital, a multicultural hub, the birthplace of the cronut, but one thing it is not is absolutely clean. That’s part of the appeal: it’s fast-paced and therefore a bit rough around the edges. All that to say, the grimy streets of New York make Kylie Jenner’s latest outfit a bold choice: The star was spotted walking around town today in a pair of puddle pants that skimmed the floor.

Now, since Jenner has a private car service and her own security team, she probably didn’t. heaps to walk around the city. However, she dared to wear baggy, floor-length jeans in Manhattan, pairing them with a cropped button-down shirt, an oversized coat, and wraparound sunglasses. (Gas station sunglasses are all the rage with the stars, haven’t you heard?) To help lift the denim off the floor, she also accessorized with chic pointed-toe pumps.

Are your pants a practical option for running around New York? Maybe not. But they’re in: Big, baggy denim is all the rage this season, thanks to brands like Balenciaga, Peter Do and R13, who have been embracing the puddle pant silhouette. If you’re wearing them this fall too, just make sure you wear them from car to door, just like Jenner. Or at least have a good laundry or dry cleaning standby.

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