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LovelyWholesale Partnered With Inspirational Woman Jackie Nina To Launch New Fashion Collection “LW From Outer To Inner”

CARRY OFF, October 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LovelyWholesale (“LW” or the Company), an international online e-commerce apparel brand, recently announced the launch of the “LW From Outer To Inner” fashion collection. This fashion collection is presented by jackie ninaa famous model, as well as an inspiring woman who created the “She Walks By Faith 101” podcast. jackie nina is committed to inspiring women to overcome difficulties, pursue their dreams, achieve their goals, live their purpose and walk by faith in God. jackie nina own belief is very consistent with the message that this new collection hopes to deliver to every woman. This new fashion collection will be available online at lovelywholesale.com and its LovelyWholesale App at October 13, 2022.

“The future may not feel safe and optimistic in the climate and energy crisis situation, but there can be positivity and confidence in the beauty of what we choose to wear. In a chaotic world, consistency from external to internal is key, and the refined, feminine power in the face of the apocalypse is more than welcome.” Jane Moorethe head of LW’s marketing department, explained the meaning of the name: “LW From Outer To Inner”.

Before deciding to launch a new clothing collection with Nina, Jane heard about the stories shared on Nina’s podcast and was very touched. “Whether it’s the founder of an independent record label, the 17-year-old artist, or the volleyball player who has to give up her career due to injury,” Jane said, “They all have one thing in common, which is, they’re all doing everything possible to manifest the life they have imagined. This is very similar to the vision of the LovelyWholesale business.”

This new fashion collection is divided into two parts, the “Runway Freedom” part and the “Denim Delicacy” part, which includes dresses, matching sets, jumpsuits and denim tops. These two parts tell the story of an intellectual, sensual and delicate woman, who can also be modern, independent and even powerful.

Part One: Runway Freedom – Improve Your Outer Confidence
This part includes eight pieces of runway-style outfits, such as a shimmery metallic padded lightweight miniskirt featured on an all-pink background. These outfits had not been functionally filmed. It mainly focused on showing the modern attractiveness of women in various ways.

Part Two: Denim Delicacy – The Power of Inner Softness
This part includes matching denim outfits, denim tops, and some other denim accessories. “Denim is not only functional and durable, but it can also be delicate and feminine. Nina designed this butterfly backless denim top against a white door, which showed us a soft beauty.” Monica saidthe designer of this collection.

LovelyWholesale always believes that clothing is the most common way for each individual to express themselves aesthetically. By wearing the clothes they love, they can feel confident in themselves and in life. LovelyWholesale hopes that every woman can always find something for herself in this new collection. For more details on this new fashion collection, check out our page.

About LovelyWholesale:

Founded in 2010, LovelyWholesale supplies more than 10 thousand kinds of fashion clothes, shoes, jewelry, sexy lingerie and accessories. The company focuses on offering higher quality products at competitive prices to customers around the world. LovelyWholesale customers know they can trust us for everything from the latest piece trends to celebrity-inspired looks, to everyday wardrobe staples and the latest party piece. LovelyWholesale hopes that every customer can find their favorite style and enjoy shopping here.

LovelyWholesale has factories and warehouses all over the world. With the great advantage of fabric resources and hundreds of fashion buyers, LovelyWholesale can provide customers with the latest fashion trends and affordable prices at the first time. Over the past 11 years of operation, LovelyWholesale has become one of the most popular online fashion stores in North America.

To learn more about LovelyWholesale, please follow us at lovelywholesale.com and instagram.com/lovelywholesale_online.

SOURCE Lovelywholesale

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