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Lubbock business news includes Oceans Hospital, restaurants and more

Hello AJ readers!

This week, we broke the news about two Lubbock restaurants: Toasted Yolk Café and Fajita Pete’s and several upcoming openings, estimated for December, including Oceans Behavioral Hospital and The Mom Lounge.

An interview with the hospital revealed that they are looking to hire more than 100 people to help improve Lubbock’s mental health for those over 50.

“There is a great need, so the general community and the medical community have open arms,” ​​said Dax Parker, vice president of market development. “We really just hope that we can bring awareness to and complement UMC and Covenant, and be a real mental health backbone for the community.”

Mary McCabe and Anna O’Steen, owners of The Mom Lounge, also shared their story of how they became friends and business partners. His business aims to help parents and children meet others, in addition to offering classes.

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