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Mondi to Pack MODIVO Fashion Products in Paper Boxes and Bags for E-Commerce Delivery | Article

Mondi has provided online retailer MODIVO SA with a range of corrugated boxes and paper MailerBAGS to apply to its fashion items in the hope of optimizing product protection, packaging space and money.

The new solutions are expected to replace the rigid packaging currently used by MODIVO to transport shoes, bags and clothing to consumers. It is said that the majority of MODIVO orders are now packaged in MailerBAGS, which are said to be reusable, recyclable and available in three different designs to ensure both the safe transportation of products and the reduction of air inside the packaging.

Łukasz Boguszewski, Logistics Manager at MODIVO, says: “Mondi was able to significantly improve our packaging and help us achieve our sustainability goals. Mondi’s portfolio offers solutions that are fit for purpose, using less space and material, while protecting products on their way to our customers.

“Not only is this change greener and more profitable for our business, it also reflects our commitment to meeting our customers’ expectations and constantly improving their experience.”

Meanwhile, Mondi says its ‘customer-focused’ EcoSolutions approach involves investigating all possible solutions to customers’ needs, with MODIVO reportedly adopting paper and corrugated packaging to meet its own specific requirements.

Nedim Nisic, Mondi’s director of e-commerce, says: “We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Each customer has a unique mix of products with different logistics requirements.

“When we partner with a customer, our focus is to lower total packaging costs, reduce waste and meet the needs of the end consumer. This means our customers can choose the packaging solutions that are most valuable to them, from kraft paper and functional barrier to paper bags and corrugated solutions.

“Mondi is committed to working with our customers to find the most suitable packaging solution for their needs. Our main strength is the combination of our sustainability expertise and an attractive e-commerce portfolio that offers fit-for-purpose packaging solutions. Because of this, we can support our customers’ goal of being economical, efficient and environmentally friendly.”

In related news, Reckitt’s Vanish Multipower Tabs were previously repackaged with a new minimalist box, shipped in its own container, designed to be compatible with e-commerce deliveries.

EcoCubly also made it to the final of the Pre-Marketed Climate category at the 2022 Sustainability Awards for its e-commerce packaging solution, in which the closure mechanism is thought to reduce void fill and void space. The design is also claimed to reduce manufacturers’ reliance on water and trees.

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