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Mount Morris Police Warn of Apparel Text Scam | Public Service News

The Village of Mount Morris Police Department recently made residents aware of an apparent text message scam circulating in the community.

The department does not sell hoodies, the department posted on its Facebook page.

A large number of people in the area reported to the police that they had received offers on their cell phones. The offers come from different phone numbers, the department said.

Offers $10 off a “Village of Mount Morris Police Department” hoodie and includes a link to order.

Do not click on the link, the department advised.

The police department said it is investigating the incidents.

Mount Morris is the latest police department to warn of such a scam. Last month, the Batavia City Police Department warned residents of a text message that claimed to offer $10 off “Batavia City Police Department” hoodies if the recipient clicks on a link.

The city police reported that they do not sell clothes and will not text random people under any circumstances.

In March, the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office warned of text messages targeting residents.

The text purports to sell Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office T-shirts at a $10 discount. It also includes a link.

The Sheriff’s Office does not sell clothing on any website or social media platform, deputies said in a Facebook post. People are advised not to click on the link and to be diligent in checking their accounts for suspicious activity.

In February, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office warned of a similar scam. Livingston County Sheriff Thomas J. Dougherty says the sheriff’s office does not sell T-shirts and does not sell T-shirts or solicit funds.

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