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Originally published: 11/12/2022

(ASBURY PARK, NJ) — The highest, a band known for blending and blurring the genre lines of pop-punk, R&B and dance-pop, will play Friday, November 18 at The Saint in Asbury Park and Saturday, November 19 at Brooklyn Monarch. Both shows also include Little Hag, Ghost Club and Bad Luck.

The Higher’s long-awaited bona fide EP elvis in wonderland is available to stream globally through Secret Friends Music Group. Considered an ode to the band’s hometown roots of Las Vegas, Nevada, Elvis In Wonderland picks up where the band left off since its 2009 Epitaph Records studio release, It’s Only Natural.

Produced by mike pepe (Taking Back Sunday, As It Is, Bayside, Anthony Green), the pop-rock project is made up of five eye-catching tracks written and recorded entirely during the COVID-19 pandemic. “free ride”, the first single from the Elvis In Wonderland EP, explores lyrical themes of trickery and manipulation over new pop-punk riffs, along with a music video that literally takes viewers on a free ride down the Las Vegas Strip. The title song “elvis in wonderland” follows the opening story established in “Free Ride”, with our Elvis impersonator wishing to escape reality in Sin City against the backdrop of fast-paced guitar melodies and heart-pounding drums.

The recent song “Are We High?”, with a support viewer, is a stark contrast to the band’s recent single releases. “Are we high?” is a dreamy ballad that touches on the feelings of falling in love with someone for the first time.

In general, the elvis in wonderland EP has a unified sound and concept that is sure to please long-time fans of The Higher and serve as a great introduction for new listeners.

“It really was a labor of love. Between COVID and juggling schedules, it’s pretty amazing that we were able to do it. Fortunately, we work with some great people. Mike Pepe and Rafa Alverez were huge to get this EP over the finish line. Super talented guys. Reggie and I are grateful to Tom and Jay for helping us through the writing process. Good things happen when the 4 of us get together, and it’s no different with Elvis.” – Seth Trotter, lead vocalist of The Higher

After the appearances in So What? Music Festival and Furnace Fest, The Higher is celebrating the elvis in wonderland Launch of the EP with an album presentation show at the Rockstar Bar & Grill in Las Vegas. Get last-minute tickets to hear the new EP live for the first time, along with other fan favorites like “Insurance” and “It’s Only Natural” via the band’s official website.

Tickets for the show at The Saint (601 Main Street, Asbury Park, NJ) are available for purchase online.

The highest rode the wave of pop-rock stardom in the early 2000s after sharing the stage with emo greats, including Panic! At The Disco, Taking Back Sunday, Motion City Soundtrack, Silverstein and more. His unique brand of rock fused with a hint of rhythm landed his fan-favorite LP On Fire at #9 on the Billboard Heatseekers charts, in heavy rotation on multiple MTV channels, and on the radar of top music makers. trends including SPIN, Kerrang. , Fuse, and others. Now, the Epitaph Records alumni are taking everything they know from the main stages of their early days to shine brighter than ever on their 2022 comeback. Now that the band has shared their first release since 2009, the Elvis In Wonderland EP via Secret Friends Music Group, get ready for The Higher revival! The new tracks encompass their rejuvenated sound and a fresh era that fuses elements of dance pop, emo, and R&B with a pop-punk edge. With Seth Trotter on vocals, Reggie Ragan on guitar and vocals, and George Lind completing the lineup on drums, The Higher are poised to soar once more.

PHOTO BY Alex Bemis

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