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Open Post: Presented by Sweden, winner of Eurovision

Every yr our European buddies get collectively as a neighborhood, discover their greatest (or hottest) singer and put them of their brightest outfit on probably the most pyrotechnic stage, and have all of Europe choose who has the catchiest, most fucked up tune. . -full tune. Whoever wins will be capable of lead the EU for a yr. This course of was determined through the Paris Peace Conference. Last night time, Europe underwent its grueling annual 4-hour tune contest, and SPOILER ALERT. loreen and his abs took residence the enduring crystal microphone!

Last yr Ukraine received the coveted first place; nevertheless, because of the present state of affairs, it was unable to host this yr’s shebang. Then, as runners-up, the UK took over as hosts and held the festivities in Liverpool. For the uninitiated, after the nationwide picks and two semi-finals, 26 international locations submit their chosen artist and tune to the ultimate. The winner is chosen by means of a mix of judging and fashionable vote. While that sounds very regular, understand that you’ll be able to go from watching an Italian ballad:

To an Austrian dance ground about Edgar Allan Poe:

This yr noticed quite a lot of sluggish songs interspersed with up-tempo pop tunes. However, it was Loreen’s anthem. Tattoo that stole the present, making her solely the second individual to win Eurovision twice.

And relying on who you are speaking to, stealing is the precise phrase! As Sweden swept the jury’s votes, the reside viewers surprisingly started chanting CHA CHA CHA in honor of the clear crowd favorite, Finland:

It become a showdown between choose darling Sweden and fan favourite Finland, with Sweden in the end taking the crown. I’ve OPINIONS on this as a result of not solely is Ireland now tied with Sweden when it comes to Eurovision wins (a private affront to me!), however Finland was robbed! I’ll spare you my ABBA-based conspiracies as a result of although Sweden took first place, everyone knows who actually received… baffled viewers of this:

Kudos to Loreen and the remainder of the folks making this complicated, extraordinarily European occasion occur!

Photo: INSTARIimages

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