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Revo Video announces partnership with Dora Maar to make fashion designer Kate McGuire’s first consumer-facing fashion collection shoppable via video

Leveraging Revo Video’s video buying platform, kate mcguirea “redesigner” of sustainable fashion, will debut her new line of recycled clothing in November 11th via video shopping at the luxury fashion market, Dora Maar —

NEW YORK, November 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — revo videothe most robust video shopping solution, today announced a partnership with the second-hand luxury fashion marketplace Dora Maar bring the acclaimed “redesigner” of fashion kate mcguire newest collection of recycled couture to consumers through a digital shopping experience.

debuting in November 11th, consumers will be able to instantly shop Kate’s first consumer-focused collection in real time via shoppable video. The new collection will feature five bespoke pieces ranging from dresses to coats.

Using Revo Video’s technology platform and hosted on Dora Maar’s site and social media, Kate will showcase her design-driven couture, creating an immersive shopping experience. During their video shopping experience, consumers will be able to click on the products within the video and purchase them for the first time.

“We are delighted to partner with the innovative kate mcguire to bring their recycled clothing pieces to the public, as a collection had never been sold in this way. Each piece is handmade and honors true craftsmanship,” said Lauren Wilson, founder and CEO of Dora Maar. “Video shopping is an emerging medium where brands can connect and sell their products. This debut will allow consumers to see and hear the stories behind their beautifully ‘turned’ collection, taking the shopping experience to a whole new level.” .

Sustainable fashion activist and champion of sustainability, Kate founded converted wardrobe to inspire and empower others to give their own unworn clothes a second life. Converted Closet aims to demystify the clothing conversion process and encourages fans to unleash their inner designer, producing sustainable fashion without sacrificing style.

“This collection respects and honors the planet, with a juxtaposition of modern and old, imbued with provenance. Clothing, especially refashioned clothing, tells the coolest stories, sparks the imagination, and is a total joy. Creating an experience of shop where you can interact with consumers, answer their questions and delight in the stories of how these pieces came to life, will create true ‘shopper entertainment,'” said fashion designer and founder of Converted Closet, kate mcguire. “My mission is to raise awareness, change mindsets and empower everyone to see unique converted fashion as a viable alternative to buying new.”

“We are excited to be able to partner with these great brands and see them bring this new clothing collection to life in this new shopping format,” he said. Cinthia NelsonDirector of Strategy, revo video. “Shoppable videos and live shopping are the future of retail and allow brands to educate consumers about the products they are buying in a fun and interactive way.”

For more information on Revo Video, visit www.revovideo.com.

I revoke Video makes any piece of video content instant affordableoffering a new way to create once and distribute thousands of times through social media, embed in websites and written content, engage hosts and customers through direct selling, buy on TV through QR code codes and more. content is always affordable both live and on VOD format creating an endless distribution channel on all major platforms creating thousands of new revenue streams. The company is built on a global secure payment system that offers one-click payments and buy now, pay later with more than 100 merchants around the world. For more information, visit revovideo.com.

Representative of the circular economy of fashion, Dora maar is a platform for second-hand luxury fashion where consumers can shop from the curated wardrobes of influencers trendsetters. dora maar is the next generation of luxury e-commerce, allowing its muses to sell luxury fashion through their own digital storefronts. By shopping at the nearest Muse, consumers have access to a personalized shopping experience from the people who inspire them. dora of maar The mission is to share the rich history, stories and people behind clothing to create a more intentional and sustainable future for fashion. Dora-Maar.com

kate mcguire is a British ‘fashion designer’ and campaigner for sustainable fashion. She having studied sustainability in harvard Y cambridge, is a regular in the press and speaks on fashion panels. She showcased her Conversion Couture collections at New York Fashion Week in 2021 and 2022. Through her designs, McGuire is on a mission to raise awareness, change mentalities and empowering everyone to see unique converted fashion as a viable alternative to buying new. His ‘redesign movement’ is establishing ‘converted fashion’ as a desirable new genre, positioning ‘redesign’ designers alongside traditional designers and showing how conversion is a creative process, aspirational and sustainable alternative to buying new.

Along with his designs, McGuire founded converted wardrobe in 2016. Originally a platform to showcase their own designs, it has since sparked an explosive grassroots refurbishment movement. Through Converted Closet, McGuire demystifies the art of conversion and proves that anyone can do it, regardless of skill or experience. His behind-the-scenes content and how-to guides inspire and empower the Converted Closet community to convert their own clothes.

SOURCE Video Revo

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