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The edgy sock trio illustrates how the 2023 color and design trends identified by Dunn-Edwards translate beyond paint.

THE ANGELS, November 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — dunn edwards today announced a partnership with the Angels-established sock candy, a color-forward fashion sock brand that celebrates unconventional personal style. Available from today, the Sock Candy x Dunn-Edwards Trends Christmas Collection features three sock designs that incorporate the colors featured in the Live in Joy palette within Dunn-Edwards 2023 Color + Design Trends.

The 2023 Color + Design Trends combine elements of the past, present and future, with nostalgic, high-impact colors making a playful return. Live in Joy, one of four palettes in the campaign, takes optimism to the extreme, with graphic glitters and fresh pastels that create a fun and festive feel.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Sock Candy. Their appreciation for color and whimsy aligns beautifully with the trends we’ve identified for 2023 ahead and beyond,” he says. sara mclean, color expert and stylist at Dunn-Edwards. “This collaboration is a fun way to translate the bold colors and energetic vibe of Live in Joy outside of the painting context.”

Designed to pair with sandals and heels, the three bliss-inducing sock designs: Y2K Hearts, ’80s Disco, and Figure Skater Shimmer were produced by the Sock Candy design team and are inspired by specific colors from the Live in Joy palette:

  • Y2K hearts: Razzle Dazzle (DE5027), Vermilion (DEFD22), Plum Power (DE5985), Lemon Punch (DE5398), Marina (DE5857), Orange Energy (DE5223)
  • 80’s disco: Razzle Dazzle (DE5027), Plum Power (DE5985), Strawberry Blonde (DE5107), Lemon Punch (DE5398), White daisy (DEHW02), Get up and go (DE5636)
  • figure skater glitter: Plum Power (DE5985), Strawberry Blonde (DE5107)

To learn more about the partnership and shop the Sock Candy x Dunn-Edwards Trends holiday collection, visit the Sock Candy website.

About Dunn-Edwards Corporation

Dunn-Edwards is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and distributors of premium high-performance, industrial and architectural paints, coatings and paint supplies. Operates more than 150 company stores in California, Arizona, Snowfall, New Mexico Y Texas, and more than 100 domestic and 250 international dealer locations in more than 12 countries. Dunn-Edwards is dedicated to preserving and protecting the ambient and produces its coatings in a LEED® Gold certified manufacturing facility. Based on southeastern california, the 95-year-old company has approximately 1,800 employees. Dunn-Edwards is a wholly owned subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-established Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. (TYO 4612), one of the largest paint companies in the world. For more information visitdunnedwards.com.

About Sock Candy

Sock Candy is a line of women’s fashion socks that celebrates unconventional, rule-breaking personal style. Funky yet stylish, the brand is known for whimsical prints, bold colors and quirky combinations. Designed to pair with sandals and heels, socks are meant to be the eye-catcher and are a fun way for women to introduce individualism into their outfits, whether they’re working from home or dressing for a night out.

SOURCE Dunn-Edwards Corporation

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