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We want to say goodbye in a positive way today.

“This is a season that is different, there is no doubt about it, but this does not mean that we should not seek to make the most of it as we have done in all the other campaigns.

“I’m sure it will be strange for our fans not to be able to come to Anfield for the next six weeks, so I hope we can say a positive goodbye today so we can meet again next month with everything we have. ”

On the visiting Saints, he added: “For our opponents, Southampton, it is the first game of a new era with Nathan Jones taking over from Ralph Hasenhuttl as manager, so I would like to give Nathan an especially warm welcome and also wish him well. for the future.

“His is a story that I really like. If you love football, you pretty much have no choice but to like its story. If you look at his career both as a player and as a coach, he has never done it the easy way.

“He has fulfilled his apprenticeship, I would say, learning about football at different levels and in different countries, developing himself and the players he has worked with and now he has the biggest opportunity of his career so far.

“The other side of the story is one that I like less, of course, because in order for one manager to get a new job, another has to lose theirs. This is the nature of the business we’re in, and we all accept it, but it doesn’t make it any easier, especially when the manager involved has given as much as Ralph gave to Southampton.

“Once again, I wish him the best and hope it won’t be too long before Ralph returns to the game because it’s clear he still has a lot to offer.”

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